Questions asked by fans.


1. Jonas (Denmark) What is the album you like most of Nattefrost and why?

Always the latest one. But I am quite happy with “Absorbed in dreams and yearning” and “Dying sun / Scarlet moon” too.


2. Ralf (Denmark) You have said in many interviews that other music doesn’t inspire you for your own stuff so what does inspire you to do the music?

Mostly surfing through lots of synth sounds and making various harmonies and melodies.


3. Dino (Italy) When did Nattefrost start exactly?

In October 1995.


4. Maria (Belgium) How does it feel to be so often compared to Jean Michel Jarre, is an honour I guess?

It happens sometimes. I don’t really see why and I find it a bit strange. But people compare so much so...


5. Mikael (Greece) In your great album Dying sun / Scarlet moon you have very different music. How come that it is so varied?

Thank you. Well I think you could say that about most of my releases because I always vary them a lot. As long as it fits well as a full album I am quite satisfied and I can only hope that the listeners will be too.


6. René (Netherlands) I guess you are also listening to some music so what bands are you listening to?

I am indeed, although not so much since it’s not easy to listen to music when producing my own music. So when I am not in my studio I do sometimes listen to bands like “The Cure”, “Level 42” (1980-1985), “Sodom”, “News”, “Telex”, “Kraftwerk”, “Burzum”, “A-ha”, “Ladytron” and some more.


7. Stefan (Germany) I love all your albums a lot. But I’d be interested if you’ve got an album of yours that you are not so happy with – your least favourite release?

I am satisfied with them all but of course I don’t enjoy everything about each release. My least favrouite album will have to be “Underneath the nightsky”. I dislike the cover very much and some of the tracks could’ve been done better for example “The pleasure of tranquillity”. I was never really happy with the sound it has got.


8. Darren (UK) If any,what benefit does using digital synthesizers have over using Analogue synthesizers ?

At least there are no tuning problems. But for me it is mostly just important that the instrument sounds good.


9. Alex (Germany) Hi Bjørn. What do you think about making Industrial oder Black / Death Metal yourself?

I did that in the early 90s but I am no metaller. I do play electric guitar and drums as well but to be honest I cannot get my creativity and emotions out very well in such a genre. It’s just nothing for me to do anymore. And I am not re-releasing the earlier metal stuff either if that could be your next question. :)


10. Jens (Austria) What is with the future and Nattefrost. What will happen?

I am working on a new studio album for next year. Also I have already got most material for a “Tracks from the archives Vol 3”. Vol 1 & 2 are almost sold out so some kind of reprint should be done too, let’s just see what will happen. There are many more plans but I cannot reveal it at the moment.


11. Wessley (UK) Hi Nattefrost, everyone remembers what they were doing when man first walked on the moon, what were you doing when you first heard electronic music?

I probably listened very carefully but I don’t know that exact moment anymore, sorry.


12. Francesco (Italy) Dear Nattefrost. I'm your great Tuscany fan from Rome. I want to ask you one
question: Where do you have get inspiration for your great great great song “Absorbed in
dreams and yearning” that it's my preferite and the song of my life?

That’s some kind of statement but thanks a lot then. I am happy you enjoy it.
It’s inspired by sounds and dreams. And also very much by the older Scandinavia. Longing for the good times to come back. For example the days where capitalism didn’t rule the world as it does today.


13. Roberto (Spain) Would you see yourself as a EM artist or just something else?

I just see myself as an artist, a musician. What style I do or where it fits is totally up to the listener to decide. The more people listening to the music the better. And if someone listening to pop music or heavy metal or house music also enjoy it, it is perfect.


14. Terje (Norway) I’m a big Nattefrost fan since 2004 so will you ever come to my country Norway to play some concerts?

I would love to perform in Norway and I think there are some possibilities, maybe next year.


15. Jack (USA) Will you ever do an album just with cover songs?

Most probably not because I prefer to do my own stuff but as you might know I have done a few covers already. But a full album is a no go.


16. Martin (Sweden) Hello. I am a big fan of especially your earlier work which was very inspired by Vikings etc. Will you do more in that style?

Thanks very much. Indeed I will. I don’t know when but I am sure I will do an album with this theme. If the music should sound equal to the older albums and EPs I am not so sure about though.


17. Andreas (Germany) I love your new album with Matzumi. I like “Ancient land” very much. Which one do you like the most from that album?

Cheers. “The Portal” is my favourite from that album. It’s got such a perfect atmosphere I think.


18. Marek (Poland) Simply great music. Any plans about making concerts in Poland?

Yes would love to come to Poland and if everything works out I will be there in 2013 so watch out!


19. Pete (UK) When will your next album be released?

Possibly early next year.


20. Lars (Sweden) I love your music so much. Thank you. I am very interested in equipment so I want to ask you which synthesizer do you like the most at the moment?

Thanks a lot. In the studio I use a Novation Remote SL25 synth at the moment and I enjoy the brand new Propellerhead Reason 6.5. When being on stage I use different equipment though like for example the Roland Gaia and Novation K Station Synths. Also very often the Korg Kaossilator Pro, sometimes a Korg R3.


21. Frank (Netherlands) You are very professional and I enjoy all of your CDs. I have seen some live videos on Youtube which features this a track called “Red Angel”. What is this, is it out anywhere yet?

Thank you very much. “Red Angel” is a new track that will be released on the next album.


22. Heike (Germany) You have played so many concerts now. Would you like to one day release a DVD maybe?

Yes I had a lot of requests from fans wanting a live DVD. At first I didn’t like the idea but if so many people request it I will do it. I have done all the research by now but I am not working alone on such a release. There are more people involved and when a finished product will be available I don’t know but I’ll let you know when it is ready.


23. Martin (Denmark) Nattefrost is definitely one of my own faves. Which electronic bands are you into?

Thanks, nice to hear. I am not listening to so much electronic music myself really. I like most of the music by Kraftwerk and Telex. And the album by Johan Timman is also very good. Also some of the Depeche Mode albums are great if that counts as electronic music. Some music by Michael Garrison is good too and the German band Sonnenbrandt. Check them out, they are great.


24. Mark (Canada) Thanks for your fantastic music. Your covers are always really beautiful. Will you be doing more in that style?

If you mean the cover style yes. I mostly have my favourite designer Claus Lynglund to work with me on the covers, posters etc. He does an excellent job every time.


25. Susan (Germany) If you should ever do music with a female vocalist who would you like to work with?

I already worked on 1 track with Alouise from Denmark and it could be an idea to do some more music with her vocals. I like another Danish female singer called Søs Fenger, would be fun too. But at the moment nobody else comes to mind.


26. Jorge (Mexico) What’s your most prefered tv programme?

None. I don’t watch TV.


27. Toke (Denmark) You are great. In the best league of Danish electronics together with Trentemøller, Band Ane and Djuma Soundsystem. Could you imagine working with any of them?

Thanks. No I couldn’t imagine that. Generally I also find it more interesting to work with non electronic artists. There are exceptions though.


28. Rafael (Portugal) Thank you for your music. How about a concept album one day like a space inspired CD?

I already did concept albums, sort of at least. Space albums have been done a thousand times before I think so I won’t do such a release. Maybe something else that hasn’t yet been done. I’ve got some ideas.


29. John (UK) Cheers for the sublime albums. I am extremely fond of your longer tracks, will you ever record some 10 minute tracks again?

Yes for the next album I am working on a longer track. If I am satisfied with it in the end I will include it on the album.


30. Olivier (France) Hello. Can I ask you are you a big fan of Jean Michel Jarre?

Yes you can but I don’t see myself as a big fan. I have respect for the man and for what he has achieved with his music.


31. Klaus (Germany) What do you think about the EM scene nowadays?

Small and sometimes very nice, some nice people certainly.

32. Tina (Denmark) What is most important in Nattefrosts music?

Definitely developement. And emotions. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my art so I don’t release anything until I am 100 % satisfied myself.


33. Bjørn (Norway) Absolutely cool music man. Any chance of more vocoder songs from you?

Thanks very much. Indeed I will include some vocoders in the future, even more than I already did.


34. Jörg (Germany) Amazing music Nattefrost. Could you do more music with Matzumi?

Thanks. I don’t think you should expect that. Let’s see what the future might bring.


35. Thomas (Germany)  In 3 years you have made Nattefrost for 20 years. Will you release something special because of it?

Oh you have done some good research. I haven’t planned too much by now but it’s a good idea to at least do something special. I will think about it.


36. Matthias (Germany) I have all music from you. But what is the most rare Nattefrost item?

Dunno…. Well maybe the 3” CD Promo with 4 tracks from 2003. Only 75 copies were printed for the media.


37. Mirko (Germany) If you should make music with any of the new Berlin School musicians who should it be?

None. I am not a fan of that kind of stuff, sorry.


38. Harald (Iceland) Thank you Nattefrost your music is so good. Do you consider doing a concert here in Iceland as well?

Thanks a lot. I will consider it. Would be fun to perform there. And your language is great.


39. Mario (Italy) If you were not a musician what would you be then?

Probably a farmer.


40. Michael (Germany) I always wondered -  Why is there a “Underneath the nightsky” and an “Underneath another nightsky”?

“Underneath another nightsky” was actually the first version and has got other themes or melodies. And it includes the 2 guests Kent Eskildsen and vocalist Ute Stemmann. But I wasn’t happy with that version at first so I made another one and released it. Later on I reworked the “Underneath another nightsky” and that is now the one I prefer.


41. Anita (Sweden) What are the best experiences you have had with your music?

Many good experiences. The great support from the fans. When performing live for example. Being aired by the BBC is also always nice and in 2006 I got an award, that’s nice. I am really happy to have experienced these things.


42. Dennis (Germany) Would you ever make anything like “Vejen til Asgard” again?

I don’t know. I never look back musically but you’ll never know. Concept wise I think it’s a good idea, music wise I am not so sure though although I still sometimes have this kind of sound in my music, don’t you think?