This is no real competition – you can win no prices. But this is the chance for you to get your painting / design on an LP / CD sleeve. The painting / design that I will like the most will probably be used as all or part of the cover for the next studio album by Nattefrost (LP & CD release). You will get your name in the cover, receive some free copies of the album and postcards with the cover.
Please add no logo, name or title on the painting.

To give you some ideas of what I would find very interesting - and also what would never end up on the cover, here are some hints.
The music represents Scandinavia. So a beautiful painted Scandinavian landscape could look great. Not necesarily in winter, could also be in autumn. A painting (pencil) is very much preferred and will have the best chances to be chosen. Or you could take a look at the cover for the "Homeland" album by Nattefrost. Don’t re-paint that but it should give you some ideas of what I would like. Everything related to ancient Scandinavia is welcome and would be preferred.
If you do it with a software, please be sure not to add any 3D stuff. No photoshopped space design either please. Space designs have no interest.

If I wish, I may display any or all of the entries on my website(s) together with the name of the painter.

Please submit your entry before 1st May 2015 by email to contest@nattefrost.dk with the subject: Nattefrost contest. Please make sure that you give your name, address and email address.

Please send your entry as a low resolution image of no more than 1MB in size and as JPG.
If I select your entry then I will contact you and will then need the high resolution sources so please don't delete them straight after you've sent me your entry.

If you plan on sending both a front and back cover then please try sending them as two attachments in one email but if your message bounces back to you then please send them separately but mention in the email that there is a matching back (or front) so that I can pair them up.

Have fun painting. Looking very much forward to all suggestions.