It’s now possible to pre-order the new Nattefrost album “Tracks from the archives”.
You can either go to www.groove.nl and order or you can do it directly from Nattefrost Productions by writing an email to info@nattefrost.dk with your order, payment method (Paypal for customers outside Denmark – Paypal or Bank Transfer for Danish customers), your name and address and let us know if you want Bjørn to sign your copy.

The price for the CD is $22, €16 excl. postage and packaging. The album will be posted on the 13th September.

For the first 3 who make the pre-order from Nattefrost Productions there will be a nice Nattefrost flyer & the special limited edition Alouise CD single “Hjertestop” feat. the Nattefrost remix included.

On the actual release date Nattefrost will perform live at the Electronic Circus Festival at the Movie in Bielefeld, Germany. There will be a special Nattefrost stall. You are of course more than welcome to come along to enjoy the show and buy the new album and the previous albums from the stall.