Hi there.

I owe you all a big thank you for coming to the latest gigs at Norberg Festival in Sweden, The copenhagen gig and also the show I did at the E-Live festival in Holland.
Cheers everybody.

Recently the new Nattefrost studio album "Dying sun / Scarlet moon" was released by Groove Unlimited.
The same day (9th October) the compilation CD "E-Live sampler" was also released including a.o. 2 old and unique tracks by Nattefrost.
Both CDs are now available from Groove Unlimited.

If you have not already checked it, please go to http://www.youtube.com/nattefrostdk and watch lots of videos incl. live clips and music videos a.o. the brand new one called "Music for the man" which was conducted by BHS Limited.

Ok, so please let me sum up some of the things that will happen in the near future, you can expect:

Repackaged (Re-release of the 2004 releases incl 2 unreleased bonus tracks - December 2010)
CD Compilation (Nattefrost plays a Heidi Mortenson cover - December 2010)
Nattefrost appearing on forthcoming Matzumi album (Beginning 2011)
Nattefrost & Matzumi full album (Planned for 2011)
Tracks from the archives Vol. I (Re-release - 2011)
Tracks from the archives Vol. II (Planned for 2011)

And lots more will happen.

Hope to see you out there at the concerts.