From distant Times CD / Digital (Groove Unlimited) 2012.

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1. First Movement
2. Evolution
3. The Ancient Land
4. The Portal

5. Rise of the Phoenix
6. Time Passing
7. Medieval
8. The New Dawn
9. Cold Midwinter Nights


Nattefrost is Bjørn Jeppesen: Synthesizers and backing vocals

Matzumi is Kathrin Manz: Synthesizers and vocals


All tracks composed and performed by Nattefrost & Matzumi.

Mixed & produced by Bjørn Jeppesen.
astered by Ron Boots.


This album was recorded from September 2010 - February 2012 at Nattefrost Studio, Denmark 
and at Matzumi Studio, Germany.


Cover by Claus Holm Lynglund.

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