Into the SubconsciousSecrets of the Universe (2020)
The LongshipsSkaldic Themes (2017)
Homeland (Excerpt)Homeland (2014)
FuturizedFuturized (2013)
Ghost MindFuturized (2013)
Music for the ManDying Sun / Scarlet Moon (2010)
DecadenceTransformation (2008)
Absorbed in Dreams and YearningAbsorbed in Dreams and Yearning (2006)
I en svunden tidVejen til Asgård (2004)
Tårnets KrigereDe som sejrede... (2004)


Official Music Videos

Into the Subconscious (2020)
The Magic of forgotten Times (2019)
Spirits of the Dead (2017)
Homeland (2014)

Futurized (2013)
Ghost Mind (2013)
Will I get to your Heart (2013)

Draconian (2010)
Decadence (2008)

Live videos

Live at 13 Venues in 6 different Countries 2010 - 2020
Live at Krudttønden, Copenhagen, Denmark 29th February 2020
Live at Frederiksberg, Denmark 29th October 2019

Live at Sounds of Syn, Radio Tide, Hamburg, Germany 30th April 2018
Live at Zeppelin Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark 24th November 2017
Live at B-Wave, Heusden Zolder, Belgium 18th November 2017
Live at Revolver, Oslo, Norway 4th November 2017
Live at Folque Café, Skien, Norway 3rd November 2017
Live at Define Festival, Sønderborg, Denmark 21st November 2015
Live at Nakke Festival, Rørvig, Denmark 25th July 2015
Live at Festival of Lights, Copenhagen, Denmark 21st June 2015
Live at Evinger Schloss, Dortmund, Germany 13th June 2015
Live at Danish Synth Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark 20th November 2010
Live in Copenhagen, Denmark 12th October 1999

Fan Videos

Divine Light (2016) by Bellerob
From distant Times (With Matzumi) (2012) by Media System Studio
Fields of Infinity (2012) by Zrnho Correy

Where the Gods are watching (2011) by Boropolis
Underneath another NIghtsky (2010) by Bellerob
Transformation (2009) by Media System Studio

Fields of Infinity (2009) by Media System Studio
The Pleasure of Tranquility (2008) by Bellerob
Through clear and frosty Nights (2008) by Bellerob

Searching for a distant Planet (2007) by Media System Studio

Other Videos

Nattefrost Album Advert (2021)

Skaldic Themes Teaser (2017)
Absorbed in Dreams and Yearning White Vinyl LP Teaser (2017)
Homeland Golden Vinyl LP Teaser (2014)
Nattefrost Interview, Germany (2016)

Nomatisan aka Funkstar Deluxe Tribute to Nattefrost (2015)
Sonnenbrandt Tribute to Nattefrost (2015)
Hertzinfarkt Tribute to Nattefrost (2015)
The Heather Grove Tribute to Nattefrost (2015)
Deutsche Bank Tribute to Nattefrost (2015)
JonTeknik Tribute to Nattefrost (2015)

Electric Enemy aka Ole Højer Hansen Tribute to Nattefrost (2015)
Current Tribute to Nattefrost (2015)
Video Review of the Different Stages Vinyl LP by Live Prog (2014)
Video Review of the From distant TImes (+ Matzumi) CD by Live Prog (2013)
De som sejrede... Acetate LP (2004)