Bjørn Jeppesen is the host on Elektroland, an electronic music radio show being produced twice a month. Each show lasts for an hour and will feature lots of new releases from the EM scene, and also the more electro and maybe even techno and ambient scene. Bjørn Jeppesen is also playing some of the old electronic records from both the 70's, 80's and the 90's, mainly from the EM scene.

In the link section you'll find links to many of the bands and artists that are played on Elektroland.

Elektroland is broadcasted through more than 10 different radio stations all over Denmark.

It's also possible to listen to the show if you're outside Denmark. After each show you'll find a link in the "Playlist" section to an mp3 (192 Kbps).

Elektroland twice a month